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Destiny Project helps the most

Lynn profile smHelp starts TUESDAY…October 1st

@ Greg Garrett Realty Office on corner of Canon Blvd & Middle Ground

Typically people who prepare for transition well will make about $10,000 a year more than those who don’t.


We identified five pools of people we’ve found most ready and able to benefit from career transition coaching

  1. Transitional employees.  Starbucks baristas with college degrees.  They didn’t rack up the student loans just to mix drinks
  2. Women moving from home to work.   Transition back into the marketplace.
  3. Military.  Military transitioning out and their spouses preparing for next career
  4. College.  Last year in college or first year out of college…especially if they majored in medieval French literature.
  5. Corporate layoffs and seasonal employees.  Preparing for the gap they know is coming

We want people from these pools on our team this fall as we test the Destiny Project and prepare for Opening Night, January 2014.

We will do the whole program together with professional coaching.

Would you consider being part of the team?  NO FEES

Tuesday nights 6:45 – 8:15    October 1 – November 5

Register in advance



Ready to begin

Start here imageWhy do so many people get great jobs through Destiny Project?

It just works…but not accidentally

Take time to prepare your strategy

  • Define what you do best
  • Make the right connections
  • Stand out to the right people.

START HERE ~ Tuesday, April 2nd

6:45 at the Greg Garrett Realty office
Corner of Middle Ground & Canon Blvd
11864 Canon Blvd #103  Newport News, VA 23606


Sometimes you are the last to know….

lynn icon     One of our team members was interviewing a single-mom who was way out on the raw fringes of the job market.  The young lady had very little awareness of her worth.

When asked what she did in her last job, she said that among other things she maintained the company’s web site.

“So what did that involve,” she was asked.

“Well when I started the company didn’t have a web site.  I saw how it could help so I organized the material and built the web site into the way we did business.”

Hmmmm…excuse me…but that’s a little more than maintaining a web site.  You diagnosed a problem, created a solution, built a web site, integrated the web into the business system…and maintained a web site.

Sometimes we need somebody looking over our shoulder to help us see what we bring to the table. That’s part of the process of defining our best work so we can get the best job.

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