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Employers come to Destiny

  • lynn iconThey are looking. They are hiring.  They ask Destiny Project to help.

Plenty of jobs are ready for the right people.

Employers have asked for help with these jobs right now.

  • Home elder care … Williamsburg varied hours and shifts … no experience required…just big heart.
  • Web design and management … Starting part-time about $12 an hour.  Ready to hire the right designer full-time with annual salary $30,000+
  • Front End Application Developer (Immediate hire, willing to travel DC Metro and US 50% or less)
  • Java Developer – Sr consultant (Immediate Hire, willing to travel DC Metro and US 50% or less)
  • SharePoint Developer(s) – Sr and mid-level consultants (Immediate hire, can work virtual)
  • NET/C#/SQL developers willing to learn SharePoint – would love to talk to those folks as well.


  • Hospitality ~  Seasonal customer service on resort properties
  • Facility maintenance ~ evening shift
  • Pool manager (2 to 5 years experience required)  full-time
  • Seasonal front desk full-time
  • Season activities  full-time
  • Season night houseman / runner full-time
  • Maintenance Tech full-time

Employers… Would you like us to help you search for the best hires.  No cost to your or to job candidates.  We love connecting people.

Drop us a line right here.


Interview sober…just a thought

One really funny interview


Just ten seconds….

lynn iconDo the math…


Ten seconds doesn’t seem like much time to decide whether you are going to give me a second look, a chance at a job.

But when you have a stack of 100 resumes, ten seconds is over 15 mind-numbing minutes.  If you give each one just 5 minutes you’re going to spend nearly an hour and a half.

If nothing grabs you on my resume, it will be in the trash within 5 seconds.

But if… you see something you’ve been looking for… you will set my resume aside for a second look. 

What would make your resume get out of the pile of 100 and onto the desk for a second look?


Sometimes you are the last to know….

lynn icon     One of our team members was interviewing a single-mom who was way out on the raw fringes of the job market.  The young lady had very little awareness of her worth.

When asked what she did in her last job, she said that among other things she maintained the company’s web site.

“So what did that involve,” she was asked.

“Well when I started the company didn’t have a web site.  I saw how it could help so I organized the material and built the web site into the way we did business.”

Hmmmm…excuse me…but that’s a little more than maintaining a web site.  You diagnosed a problem, created a solution, built a web site, integrated the web into the business system…and maintained a web site.

Sometimes we need somebody looking over our shoulder to help us see what we bring to the table. That’s part of the process of defining our best work so we can get the best job.


The very practical 1st step into the NETwork

NETWORK … practicallynn icon

1. Make a list of your ten most important connections.

They want to help you AND they are positioned well to help you.
Very likely they are connected to even more helpful people who will help you because of them.

2. Ask first, “What can you do for them?”

It’s easier for generous people to give to generous people

3. Get very clear about what you want them to do for you.

If you aren’t sure then consider this, “The first and easiest ask is for understanding.”  You can ask your closest connectors for advice about what to ask.


CONGRATULATIONS to all Participants!

We just completed a very successful winter session. It is truly amazing how meaningful six weeks can be in our lives. We, the Destiny Team, would like to show our deepest gratitude to you all for your dedication, participation, and invaluable feedback.

Destiny Project is taking a short remission, but we will BE BACK SOON!  

Please stay tuned for the latest news and upcoming events.



Begin Destiny Project By:

Meeting the Destiny Team and your new Career Connections at our Opening Night Event.

This is a celebration that we host just before each new six-week series. Hear the success stories and get ready to join partners for the next series.

You are also welcome to come to any group meeting. The course content runs in a six-week loop.You can start anywhere in the process…the sooner the better.


Complete the Information Sheet

 Bring it along on opening night

Download the START HERE info-sheet right here


Register for Opening Night

Absolutely free! We just want to know who’s coming

Include names of people planning to attend

Bonus points if you let us know what you hope to get from the program


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